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Having pioneered mobile consumption of news for a generation of digital natives, NowThis sought to create a clearer, more consistent voice so that viewers could instantly identify the brand on third-party platforms.

We shortened the nomenclature of the brand mark, establishing the word “NOW” as the urgent common thread across each channel to visually underscore an emphatic voice. In the spirit of brand efficiency and wit, we also created video packaging that connected tightly to the “framing” device.




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Framing it up

We extended the logo’s frame into the editorial content, enabling the frame to stand in for the brand — and the content that lies within the frame to become NowThis’ voice. This device empowers the media company’s team of young reporters to add their short social-minded commentary to stories without interfering with the factual reporting, and allows the brand’s voice to travel with the content throughout social.

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Now This branding toolkit

Since rapid-fire responses are imperative in the new media news cycle, Work-Order created a comprehensive video toolkit for NowThis that could be deployed super-quickly — sometimes as fast as 10 minutes from breaking news to finished video. To complement the video toolkit, we provided a handy quick guide for producers’ reference.

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Now This logo
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